1985 | Windows 1.0
This is where is all started: when Microsoft made the leap from MS-DOS’s lines of basic coding to the boxes (or “windows”) that are still a staple of computing today. Cynics say Gates lifted the idea from rival Xerox.

1995 | Windows 95
A landmark for Microsoft, in which the rough edges of Windows adopted a more user friendly interface. It was the first appearance of the famous “Start” button. And who could forget the “flying windows” screen-saver?

2001 | Windows XP
Another major redesign for the now-iconic operating system, XP also began to tackle the rising problem of hacking. It offered regular security updates to ward off viruses and also introduced Windows Media Player.

2006 | Vista
Seen by many as the most disastrous Windows update, Vista was plagued by negative reviews, often surrounding its perceived shift towards a more proprietary system. It experienced disappointing sales.