WikiLeaks founder says he has explosive bank dossier

Steve Dinneen
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THE founder of WikiLeaks, the website that earlier this week published a raft of damaging diplomatic and military cables, says he is poised to leak tens of thousands of documents he said could take down “one or two” top US banks.

Julian Assange would not confirm which banks he has in his sights but has previously spoken about possessing 5GB of damaging information taken from a Bank of America executive’s hard drive.
He said he will release the information early next year, adding it would almost certainly lead to an investigation into a bank.

The documents, which Assange likened to the Enron scandal, is believed to be made up of “an overlap between corporate and government leaks”.

A Bank of America spokeswoman said the bank is aware of WikiLeaks’ claims that it has company data, but said it has not been contacted by the group or seen proof it possesses any of the bank’s information.