Sara Hollamby
Style Counsel

BLAME his party’s colour, but Nick Clegg has demonstrated a fondness for yellow ties in recent months, the result being that he tends to look rather washed out.

Yellow is an extremely difficult colour for anyone to wear who is starved of sun and over the age of 30. Yellow looks fabulous on young tanned skin, olive or black skin, but on white-tinged-with-pink skin it just wrings out any last drop of healthy peachiness.

Lucky David Cameron whose party’s colour is blue: a flattering shade for most complexions especially if you have blue eyes. Brown’s got the reds – a favourite colour group of Tony’s – which shows great leadership skills and is an action colour.

Yellow does show a clear logical brain, but otherwise it just drains your face of all health and colour. So what can Nick Clegg do to make him look like he’s fit and healthy to do a good job in No 10? If he decides to wear yellow going forwards, maybe a little Clinique men’s tinted moisturiser would help his pallor. He could also try a different yellow, or team it with a blue shirt, or better still choose a colour that really suits him, and add a yellow rose to his lapel instead (that’s if he thinks there is still someone in Britain who’s not sure which party he stands for).

When choosing which colour to wear for an important presentation, I recommend thinking carefully about your backdrop. You certainly don’t want to melt into the background; consider the subconscious meaning of colours, and certainly wear something bright to focus your audience. But most importantly wear a colour that suits you, a colour that makes your eyes sparkle and makes your complexion look peachy and healthy. Looking good makes you feel good and then you’ll look confident and relaxed, and your audience will hang on every word.

Sara Hollamby is a business image consultant at