LOOKING ahead to Davos, I know it will be a stimulating (and demanding) few days. As the chief executive of an international insurance company I am particularly conscious of the concerns and anxieties our customers have and the difficulties they face in these challenging times. At Aviva we’re here to provide certainty and reassurance to our 44m customers. We are here for people in times of need. We’re here to help them plan and secure their financial futures.

As national budgets remain strained, there is no question that insurers will now need to work more closely with government than ever before and play a greater role in providing protection to people. Partnership is key here – neither insurers nor government can solve issues like the pensions challenge on our own.

In Davos I will be speaking up for the important role insurance can play in protecting the fabric of society, whether it is helping to address the issues on long term care, investing in new infrastructure projects or meeting people’s financial needs in retirement. As the leading player in the UK’s £1.7 trillion insurance industry, ours is a pivotal role. We’d like to see closer, clearer partnerships and allocation of responsibility between private and public providers develop over the next decade.

And this is just the sort of message that should be heard and discussed at Davos. It is something that affects the lives of millions of people. We know the challenges we face in the current environment, but with positive dialogue and debate between business and government, solutions can be found. The next few days will be long and busy, but no doubt they will also be very worthwhile.