Why customised trading may help to improve performance

Tom Welsh talks with Jannick Malling, founder of open access trading platform Tradable

Q What is your background, and how did it contribute to co-founding your company Tradable in 2011?

A I started in the trading world at Saxo Bank, before joining CFH Markets a few years later. At CFH I worked with a number of trading platforms and always struggled to find something that suited the needs of traders – individual retail FX investors were becoming more diversified in how they wanted to trade. We saw clients asking for all different services – social trading, technical analysis tools, algorithmic trading. If you’re a new trader, or you trade once a day, you may want a research report in the morning. If you’re more sophisticated, you may want to write your own algorithm. I realised it would be difficult to keep up with demand if everything was done in-house.

Fortunately, the trading space was also becoming increasingly driven by technology players in the FinTech (financial technology) scene, so we thought about developing a platform where they could develop these services as apps. The user gets an experience similar to a smartphone. Tradable’s a trading platform – from there you can pick and choose the apps you need to customise your experience to fit your trading style.

Q Can a customised dealing suite help to improve performance?

A There’s no guarantee, but we believe putting the right mix of tools in front of traders is a good start. And there’s value in providing ease. As an example, one app from Traders Toolset allows you to enter the market with ten orders, but with one only click. So it makes it easier for traders to execute their strategy with greater precision – and if they have the right strategy, that will impact performance. There’s all sorts of similar apps that help people more easily achieve what they want. But performance is individual. Even if you download all the apps in the world, it’s about how you use them. And we’ve always been about providing apps that people need to be true to their trading style, so they don’t have to trade on a platform that isn’t relevant for them.

Q You’ll be taking part in a discussion about social trading at City A.M.’s Active Trader Conference this June. What do you expect to cover?

A I’ll be discussing the full scope of social trading – how far it can go. Though it’s been around a while, it’s still one of the more recent trends in the market, and currently social trading is closely linked with the currency market. Unlike equities, where people hide stock tips from each other, there’s no need to do that in forex given that $4 trillion is traded each day. No individual can really move the market, and that provides an incentive for people to share trading ideas. It’s an interesting phenomenon, and I hope we can see it expand into other asset classes. Generally, there’s so many interesting things happening on the FinTech scene that I’m looking forward to discuss with peers. There’s a movement of people joining forces to innovate that can hopefully bring the level of innovation in the finance sector (and trading specifically) onto par with the internet industry more generally.

Jannick Malling is chief executive and co-founder of Tradable. He will be speaking at this year’s City A.M. Active Trader conference on 21 June 2013 at the Grange Hotel, Tower Bridge, London E1 8GP. Tickets are available for only £65 at www.CityAMactivetrader.com