Whose bonus is bigger? iTunes has the answer

WE all know that comparing bonus size is a taboo akin to divulging religious and political beliefs – that is to say, not very British.

Thank goodness then, that the Americans have come to the rescue, with the Banker’s Bonus app on iTunes.

The app allows users to enter their bank, bonus, position and department and it sorts them into handy league tables that can be filtered according to country.

After a curious scroll through the London table, The Capitalist noticed bonus braggings that claim to have been posted by associates and vice presidents through to managing directors at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Citi, RBS, Morgan Stanley, Nomura and Deutsche.

With no means of verification, users should be sceptical. The current big earner in London is a trader on £1,149,801, but he or she doesn’t reveal the name of the bank in question.

Others appear happy to: analysts from JP Morgan are either the most keen to share their big bonuses or the most often impersonated.

Pay negotiations just got a whole lot more interesting.