<strong>KEITH MORRIS </strong>EVOLUTION<br />Kentz&rsquo;s focus on engineering and construction in growth areas continues to impress. Improving margins on flat revenue, a 38 per cent increase in the backlog this year and larger cash reserves all point to strong profits growth underpinned by good visibility.<br /><strong><br />MALCOLM GRAHAM-WOOD </strong> HANSONWESTHOUSE<br />Kentz delivered the goods in the first half and with a strong order book will do better in the second half. Good management and blue chip clients will deliver rising earnings and dividends which leave the rating undemanding and therefore remains a buy.<br /><br /><strong>PETER HUTTON </strong> NCB STOCKBROKERS<br />Encouraging results, with revenues maintained despite tougher backdrop and solid base for renewed growth in the second half and 2010. A backlog of $1.1bn is impressive, and Kentz punches above its weight in terms of quality of projects and clients.