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Blow for British nuclear revival
A Franco-Chinese consortium has walked away from the race to build Britain’s new generation of reactors in a setback to the government’s hopes of ushering in a revival of nuclear power. The expected bid by French engineering company Areva and China’s Guangdong group for the Horizon nuclear joint venture did not materialise by last Friday’s deadline, sources said. The decision narrows the field of would-be investors in a reactor-building programme that is expected to cost tens of billions of pounds.

French in flutter over tax rise
François Hollande’s socialist government is facing a new tax revolt – not from big business protesting against the 75 per cent income tax band but in the form of a viral online campaign by entrepreneurs furious about a jump in capital gains tax.

UK seeks to counter cyber attacks
Britain is seeking to reach bilateral agreements on cyber security with states such as China and Russia in a bid to contain crises caused by cyberespionage and destructive activity on the internet by sharing information with each other.


MPs accused of Farepak defamation
Taxpayers are facing a legal bill of more than £6m in the wake of the Department for Business’s botched attempt to disqualify the former directors of Farepak, after seven directors were cleared of wrongdoing in June.

BBC to stream live sessions online
Thousands of hours of live performances and radio sessions could soon be available free on the internet under plans by the BBC to release its enormous back catalogue of recordings online.

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Cambridge safer than government
Cambridge University is a safer haven for investors than the British government, according to ratings agency Moody’s, which has ascribed a “stable” AAA rating to the 800-year-old university.

Clarkson took £3.2m out of Top Gear
Jeremy Clarkson enjoyed a bumper £3.2m payday from Bedder 6 – the company set up to cash-in on Top Gear before he sold his stake in it to BBC Worldwide – according to Companies House filings.


Poll shows tightening race
Barack Obama heads into the first presidential debate with a narrow lead over Mitt Romney in a new Wall Street Journal poll. Obama leads 49 per cent to 46 per cent among likely voters.

Ex-Nokia team to launch new phone
A group of ex-Nokia employees has raised €200m ($160m) from a variety of telecoms industry players to launch a new mobile operating platform based on discarded Nokia technology, and will unveil a new phone next month.