Europe’s banks face tougher demands
The head of Europe’s top banking regulator has raised the bar for lenders’ capital requirements, insisting that the nine per cent capital ratio they had to hit as a “temporary buffer” by June is to become permanent. “The key thing will be capital conservation,” Mr Enria told the Financial Times. “We don’t want the capital to be released.”

Oil and gas have most bribery cases
The oil and gas industry was subject to the most prosecutions for bribery and graft in the UK of any sector over the past four years. The study by Ernst & Young found that of 26 completed cases since 2008, oil and gas made up nearly one-fifth of prosecutions. Most of them involved payments made abroad, or kickbacks to foreign government officials.

Women on boards boosts headhunters
City headhunters have enjoyed a boom in board-level recruitment mandates in the past year following new rules that encouraged firms to appoint more female directors. Companies used headhunters rather than the old boys’ network.


Gatwick airport aims to double in size
Gatwick is set to publish an expansion plan that is likely to state its existing two terminals and one runway are capable of handling 12m more passengers a year this decade but a second runway would let it double in size to handle 70m passengers.

Tablets could conquer smartphones
A Deloitte report argues that the smartphone has the most to lose from the proliferation of tablet computers, as internet browsing was likely to move from the small screen to the (slightly) larger one.

The Daily Telegraph

Was the petrol price rigged too?
Motorists may have been paying too much for their petrol because traders are likely to have tried to manipulate oil prices in the same way they rigged interest rates. A report for the G20 found the market is wide open to “manipulation” and traders have an “incentive” to distort it.

Hospedia’s first buy is Extramed
Hospedia, the firm formed from controversial telephone provider Patientline, is to buy Extramed, a provider of patient flow and bed management services to 22 hospitals.


Slate of deals to test market
This week will show whether some sought-after US IPOs can shine despite less-than-stellar market conditions. They include computer security firm Palo Alto Networks, search engine Kayak Software, guitar maker Fender and discount retailer Five Below.

France aims to support car industry
France’s government will unveil a plan to support the country's automotive industry on 25 July, including measures designed to boost spending on cars.