<strong>THE SUNDAYSThe Sunday Telegraph</strong><br /><strong>TRUELL TO CONSOLIDATE UK PENSIONS</strong><strong> <br /></strong>Renowned City investor Edmund Truell is gearing up for a fresh round of acquisitions to drive consolidation in the UK pensions market. Truell, who founded private equity house Duke Street, said he was exploring targets for his Pension Corporation vehicle and had seen a growing interest from large pension schemes looking to separate from their parent companies.<br /><strong><br /></strong><strong>ALEXANDER IS INCISIVE&rsquo;S TOP CHOICE</strong><br />Helen Alexander, the former head of The Economist Group is in talks to become chairman of Incisive Media, one of the UK&rsquo;s largest business publishing firms. Banking sources said Alexander, who is also the first female Confederation of British Industry president, has been in talks about the role after interviews with Incisive&rsquo;s lenders and shareholders.<br /><strong><br />THE SUNDAY TIMES<br />VODAFONE IN MARKETING OFFENSIVE<br /></strong>Vodafone is to revamp its brand and marketing for the first time in four years after chief executive Vittorio Colao has decided that beefing up the company&rsquo;s image should be one of his top priorities. The mobile-phone giant is ditching its &ldquo;Make the most of now&rdquo; tagline after four years in favour of &ldquo;Power to you&rdquo; as it prepares to launch a suite of new services to capitalise on the growing popularity of the mobile internet.<br /><strong><br />BA SET FOR EUROPEAN VERDICT ON AMERICAN AIRLINES TIE-UP<br /></strong>Brussels is set to deliver its long-awaited verdict on British Airways&rsquo; planned tie-up with American Airlines, helping to decide the fate of the on-again, off-again deal. European competition officials are expected to reveal their &ldquo;statement of objections&rdquo; within the next fortnight.<br /><strong><br />TODAY<br />FINANCIAL TIMES<br /></strong><strong>RECESSION RESULTS IN STEEP FALL IN EMISSIONS</strong><br />The recession has resulted in an unparalleled fall in greenhouse gas emissions, providing a &ldquo;unique opportunity&rdquo; to move the world away from high-carbon growth, an International Energy Agency study has found. In the first big study of the impact of the recession on climate change, the IEA found that CO2 emissions from burning fossil fuels had undergone &ldquo;a significant decline&rdquo; this year &ndash; further than in any year in the last 40. <br /><br /><strong>MITTAL TOO UPBEAT, WARN RIVALS</strong><strong><br /></strong>Lakshmi Mittal&rsquo;s predictions for a strong rebound in the world steel industry next year are too optimistic and recovery is likely to be substantially more muted, industry executives and analysts say.<br /><br /><strong>The Daily Telegraph<br />MIDDLE CLASS STUDENTS 'SHOULD PAY MORE&rsquo;<br /></strong>Middle-class students should bear the brunt of a significant increase in the cost of going to university, a study recommends. Undergraduates should pay higher tuition fees and more expensive interest rates on loans, while being subject to an increasingly stringent system of grants, according to a report by business leaders and universities.<br /><strong><br />COMPANIES CAN INFLUENCE CURRICULA, SAYS CBI<br /></strong>Businesses will be given the opportunity to influence higher education curricula in return for funding and student support, the CBI Higher Education Task Force proposes will say today. The task force said that business must do more to support the UK&rsquo;s higher education system with individual funding.<br /><br /><strong>theguardian<br />GORDON BROWN BIDS TO SECURE SIEMENS WIND TURBINE PLANT<br /></strong>Gordon Brown is wooing the boss of Europe&rsquo;s largest engineering group in a desperate attempt to secure a major new wind turbine plant and reinvigorate the UK&rsquo;s stuttering &ldquo;green&rdquo; energy strategy. The prime minister will meet Peter L&ouml;scher, chief executive of Siemens, in the next two weeks to reassure him that Britain can offer an attractive financial package and genuine market growth.<br /><strong><br />BARACK OBAMA READY TO SLASH US NUCLEAR ARSENAL<br /></strong>Barack Obama has demanded the Pentagon conduct a radical review of US nuclear weapons doctrine to prepare the way for deep cuts in the country&rsquo;s arsenal, the Guardian reports. Obama has rejected the Pentagon&rsquo;s first draft of the &ldquo;nuclear posture review&rdquo; as being too timid.