What the other papers say this morning – 31 May 2013


Huge fall in people insulating homes
The number of people insulating their homes has collapsed since the onset of the coalition’s flagship “green deal”, according to figures that undermine ministers’ attempts to improve Britain’s fuel efficiency. Installations of cavity wall insulation were down in April by 97 per cent compared with the same month last year, industry figures show. There were 1,138 installed last month compared with 49,650 in April 2012, according to the data from the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency, an industry monitoring group.

Agnelli family aims to remain Fiat’s largest shareholder
Italy’s Agnelli family has signalled its determination to remain Fiat's largest shareholder by saying it has enough money to maintain its 30 per cent stake.

Opec to roll over production target
The Opec oil cartel is set to keep its production target unchanged, betting that a seasonal rise in demand as Americans and Europeans take to their cars for summer will keep oil prices above $100 a barrel. Delegates said on Thursday ministers had all but decided to keep its official production at 30m barrels a day.


Cyprus bank boss had death threats
The Governor of the central bank in Cyprus has revealed how he moved his family off the island after receiving three death threats following the country’s controversial bailout.

Harvey Nicks enters comfort zone
Harvey Nichols is preparing for its first expansion in Britain for five years, but the ill winds of the economy cannot be blamed for the hiatus. Rather, it is the ill winds of the West Midlands.

The Daily Telegraph

UK house prices 31pc too high - OECD
A study by the OECD, which compared prices with local wages and rents, suggests Belgium, Norway and Canada are the most expensive markets compared with their own long-term averages.

BT dumps Yahoo! as email provider
BT customers who use the Yahoo! service have complained since February that hackers are repeatedly taking control of accounts and using them to pump out spam emails. BT announced it would begin moving accounts away within weeks


Portugal Plans Cuts in Spending
The Portuguese government confirmed Thursday that it will impose spending ceilings on all ministries, cut public-private partnership contracts and increase working hours in the public sector.

Carrefour Expands African Presence
Carrefour SA teamed up with African distribution company CFAO to expand its presence in Africa, as the French supermarket chain seeks to reinforce the global footprint of its name.