What the other papers say this morning – 12 June 2013


Dimon pledges to fight Whale suits
Jamie Dimon hit back against allegations that JP Morgan executives misled investors over the bank’s “London whale” trading losses, pledging to fight “to the end” against any lawsuits filed in the affair.

“There was no hiding, there was no lying, there was no bullshitting. Period,” the JPMorgan chief executive said at an industry conference yesterday. His comments mark a return to Mr Dimon’s more combative style after he received a vote of confidence from shareholders at the company’s annual meeting last month.

Nick Clegg to announce drive to narrow gap in UK regional growth
A drive to narrow Britain’s regional disparities will be announced by Nick Clegg, deputy premier, on Wednesday as the coalition tries to build on signs that economic recovery is taking root.

Nokia to stop shipping Symbian
Nokia will finally stop shipments of its Symbian smartphones this summer and throw its future wholly behind Microsoft’s Windows platform. The firm will bring to an end deliveries of Symbian, which had looked unassailable before the iPhone.


Bank official: US recovery not ours
A leading Bank of England official has warned that Britain’s recovery is trailing behind that of the US and that monetary policy probably will have to be kept loose for longer.

Deep breath before verdict on e-cigs
More than three years after the government began its consultation on whether to license electronic cigarettes, the medicines regulator will today outline its plans for the industry.

The Daily Telegraph

Britain losing business every minute due to Chinese visa rules
China’s biggest travel agency has warned that Britain is losing business “every minute” because of its “complicated and expensive” visa system.

Madoff trail leads to London
The liquidators of fraudster Bernard Madoff’s UK company have opened their fight to recover at least $80m (£51m) they allege was unlawfully paid to his family and company directors.


Nestle faces coffee challenge
A coffee war is brewing for Nestle after
Mondelez said it will begin selling coffee capsules from its Jacobs and Carte Noire brands that are designed to fit Nestlé's single-serving Nespresso machines.

Bush rating back in positive territory
According to a new Gallup poll, 49 per cent of Americans now view ex President George W Bush favourably, outpacing the 46 per cent who view him unfavourably, the first positive balance since 2005.