What needs to be done to stop a repeat of last week’s riots?

THIS week, we’re asking members of our Voice of the City panel what needs to be done to prevent a repeat of last week’s riots. Will the government’s plan for non-military “national service” help repair broken communities, and should convicted rioters be evicted from their council homes or stripped of their benefits?

We also want to know whether members of the panel, which is specially recruited to represent a cross-section of London’s business community, think the Prime Minister is right to talk of British society as “broken”.

And some have tried to pin part of the blame on bankers and their bonuses. Is this a fair assessment?

Meanwhile, we want to know whether the government is being too soft or too tough when it comes to meting out justice.

To have your say on these questions, and others like them, apply to join the panel today at www.cityam.com/panel