What do you think about a hike in CGT?

Let us know what you think about the trouble at the?Treasury by joining our unique panel at www.cityam.com/panel before 12pm and answering these questions:

1) The government is planning an increase in capital gains tax, bringing in rates similar or near to income tax. How far do you agree or disagree with this policy?

2) David Cameron has said there will be “generous” allowances for entrepreneurs and business. Do you agree or disagree with the view that this will lessen any undesired impact of raising CGT?

3) Some have called for taper relief to be re-introduced on capital gains tax, meaning the tax rate falls over the period of time an asset has been held. Gains on assets held for a shorter period of time would be taxed at a higher rate than those held for a longer period of time. Do you agree or disagree with this proposal?

4) Do you think David Laws should or should not have resigned following revelations about his expenses?

5) Danny Alexander has replaced Laws as chief secretary to the Treasury, with responsibility for cutting public spending to reduce the budget deficit. Do you think he will be more or less effective than Laws would have been had he not resigned?