What did you make of the measures announced in the Chancellor’s Autumn statement?


The fuel duty cut was an obvious and easy one to do, I think Osborne’s done it because he’s had a lot of hassle from the back benches. I don’t think the corporation tax changes will make much of a difference, there needed to be a bolder clampdown on tax avoidance. I’d have liked to see him actually admit the country’s in a mess, and create more incentives to build houses to get people in work.


It really felt like more of the same, Balls had a big opportunity to really put Osborne to task but he didn’t. The corporation tax announcement was possibly a good move, you would hope it would give firms outside of the UK an incentive, just like Ireland has.
I would have liked to see further cuts, you have got to take action and realise the economy is going to take time to recover.


Today’s announcement was on the right track, but I suspect it was not enough. Osborne needed to introduce controlled and wider cuts in order to fund tax decreases, and must stand by the austerity measures. He needed to do more for the ordinary people that are taking the pain and I don’t think he did. The air passenger duty increase is a real worry, it costs far too much to fly now.

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