What 2013’s top gadgets might look like (we really, really hope)

iPad 5
The last generation iPad was a small improvement on the iPad 3. Expect the next one to be lighter and thinner, and some analysts think it could shave 17mm from the width and 4mm from the height. It is also likely to feature a far smaller bevel, more akin to the iPad Mini.

Xbox 720
Microsoft’s as yet unnamed upcoming console (720 sounds like a reasonable follow-up to the 360) will almost certainly look nothing like this artist’s impression. It is likely to be very Kinect focused, be an all-in-one entertainment hub and feature a subscription model for games.

Amazon Phone
Rumours of an Amazon phone, which would sit alongside its Kindle Fire tablets have been rife for a while now but they could come to fruition this year. If it arrives it is likely to be cheap, run Android (despite some WP8 rumours) and integrate with Amazon’s cloud service.

PlayStation 4
Much as I like this awesome touchscreen controller, it is unlikely to feature on the real PS4. However, the new pad may include an LCD touchscreen. Also expect vamped-up cloud services, allowing games streaming and ultra high resolution.

Google Project Glass
Google’s futuristic augmented reality specs are well into the development process – Google co-founder Sergey Brin has even worn them out in public a few times. They will allow you to overlay maps onto your vision, as well as check emails, take photographs and share them with friends.

Apple iWatch
This is already in development, according to the rumour mill. Around 100 Apple staff are said to be developing a watch that can sync with your iPhone to display information about whatever you are doing. It may also feature a flexible glass front.