Wenger steals show as Stan breaks silence

STAN KROENKE may have broken his long silence at yesterday’s AGM, but shareholders who expected to gain a clearer understanding of the American’s motives were left deeply unfulfilled.

Eloquent, if laden with platitudes, yesterday’s first address may have been, but fans remain no closer to knowing whether his decision to acquire a majority shareholding in the club stems from a long-standing affection, or simply a desire to build on his vast personal wealth.

By leading an impromptu defence of Peter Hill-Wood he did demonstrate a human quality that suggested he is a man who prefers to conduct his business ‘the Arsenal way’.

That, however, won’t be enough on its own to pacify supporters who feel increasingly detached from the club, and in an attempt to raise his own stock he could do worse than hire Arsene Wenger as his speech writer. The manager’s rallying cry underlined his status as the man most likely to bring unity and continued success to the club.