...but well-known bosses fail to make it this year

SOME prominent women who appeared in last year&rsquo;s Financial News 100 Women list have not been included in this year&rsquo;s edition. <br /><br />Clara Furse stepped down earlier this year after eight years as chief executive of the London Stock Exchange and as a result exits the list.<br /><br />Investment fund manager Nicola Horlick has also lost her place on the list after a year in which her firm&rsquo;s fund of private equity and hedge funds, Bramdean Alternatives,&nbsp; struggled.&nbsp; <br /><br />Horlick founded her asset management company,&nbsp; Bramdean Asset Management, in 2005. <br /><br />After building an impressive reputation, 2009 is the first year that she has not been in FN&rsquo;s list of 100 most influential women.