Welcome, ian hannam.com

IAN Hannam, one of the City’s most prolific deal-makers, has just created his own website as he prepares to fight the Financial Services Authority over its decision to fine him for a market abuse charge.

The site has been developed by Hannam’s public relations advisers at Maitland, who think it will be an important plank in defending the JP Morgan banker’s reputation.

The web address is ianhannam.com. Hannam’s advisers looked at former Merrill Lynch banker Bob Wigley’s website as a guide of how to do it.

LETTING in goals in football is a headache for managers such as Tottenham’s Harry Redknapp or Aston Villa’s Alex McLeish but for those who place money with spread betting firms it can be pretty lucrative.

This weekend’s matches, in which Manchester City scored six, Manchester United scored four and Chelsea hit the net five times (or was it really four, if you exclude the goal that was given even though the ball never crossed the line?) led to Sporting Index paying out around £500,000.

Says Wayne Lincoln, Sporting Index trading spokesman: “We’ve been absolutely clobbered.”