THE WEEK AHEAD in association with GFT

● Today, Iceland Foods announces. Investors will hope it doesn’t get frosty results after news that Morrison may bid for some of its individual stores.

● IG reports tomorrow. The spread betting provider could soon be in the FTSE 100.

● On Thursday, the business process outsourcing company Capita will announce. It has been listed on the London Stock Exchange since 1991.

● On Friday, Vodafone will announce. The London headquartered global telecommunications company will be hoping to receive strong signals of growth.

● Tomorrow, the Bank of Canada will make a statement on rates. It will also release its monetary policy report, with the press conference taking place later.

● Also tomorrow, Japan will release its monetary policy statement and decision on interest rates.

● On Wednesday, the MPC will publish minutes of the last meeting, including the latest asset purchase facility votes.

● On Thursday, UK public sector net borrowing and retail sales will be released. On the same day, the US Department of Labor will publish statistics on unemployment claims.

● Tomorrow, the culture, media and sport committee is anticipating an appearance by Rupert and James Murdoch to give evidence over phone hacking. It is unclear whether former News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks will appear, following her arrest yesterday.

● Wednesday, if not before, is seen as the likely date for yet another crisis meeting of the Eurozone countries. The officials must be getting sick of the sight of each other.

● Talking of crises, treasury secretary Tim Geithner wants a deal on the US debt limit to be reached this week. He said: “Failure is not an option.”