Barclays will release its full year results tomorrow.

● Miner BHP Billiton will release its half year results on Wednesday.

● French bank Societe Generale will release its fourth quarter results on Wednesday.

● On Thursday, bank BNP Paribas will release its fourth quarter results.

● BAE Systems will release its full year results on Thursday.

● Miner Anglo-American will release full year results on Friday.

● The Bank of Japan announces its headline interest rate decision tomorrow.

It is expected to hold rates steady at their current level of 0–0.10 per cent.

● The preliminary estimate for French fourth quarter GDP growth will be released tomorrow at 6:30 am.

● As will the equivalent German fourth quarter figure at 7:00 am.

● British inflation statistics (RPI and CPI) are also released tomorrow at 9:30am.

● The US Empire State Manufacturing survey data will also be released tomorrow at 1:30pm, as will the US retail sales figures.

● On Wednesday, British unemployment statistics will be released (ILO survey rate and claimant count rate).

● Wednesday will also see the release of the Bank of England quarterly inflation report.

● The Federal Open Market Committee minutes from the meeting of 25-26 January will also be released on Wednesday at 7:00pm.

● On Thursday, the European Monetary Union (EMU) consumer confidence index figure will be released.

● Friday will see the release of UK retail sales statistics.

Barack Obama will present his budget request for the 2012 fiscal year to Congress today.

The US is running a 10 per cent budget deficit, and House Republicans are likely to respond aggressively.

● In Iran, the opposition leaders Mehdi Karroubi and Mir-Hossein Mousavi will lead a protest today in solidarity with Egyptian protesters.

● Tomorrow, the controversial Parliamentary Voting Systems and Constituencies bill will be debated again in the House of Lords. The purpose of the bill is to introduce a referendum to change the voting system and to reduce the number of MPs.