● HMV announces its interim results today.

● Carnival will announce its quarterly earnings report tomorrow. The world’s largest cruise ship operator will be hoping to experience smooth sailing into the new year.

● Sable Mining Africa will announce its interim results on Friday. Located in sub-Saharan Africa, the company is looking to dig up golden news for this half of the year.

● The Reserve Bank of Australia will release its meeting minutes today. The details from the RBA’s monthly meeting are issued with a two week delay.

● The Bank of Japan will announce its interest rate decision on Wednesday. The rate is expected to remain at 0.1 per cent, as it has been since late 2008.

● UK GDP figures will be released on Thursday. The previous rate was 0.6 per cent and has been on a gradual decline since the late 2009 rate of 1.6 per cent.

● The US Bureau of Economic Analysis will release the US’s annualised GDP figures on Thursday.

● Piers Morgan will appear before the Leveson inquiry this week via a live video feed from New York, where he currently lives. The CNN anchor was formerly editor of the News of the World and served as editor of the Daily Mirror for more than 10 years. Morgan was fired from the Mirror in 2004, after a scandal surrounding published doctored photos.

● IMF officials are heading to Rome this week to review Italy’s new budget and to conduct an overall review of the country’s economy. This will not be the official “monitoring mission” that the country agreed to at last month’s international summit.