● Today, Rentokil Initial announces. The global business services company – which is active in Europe, America, Africa and Asia – will be looking for results that aren’t a pest.

● Tomorrow, Vodafone and Marks & Spencer both announce. The former is the world’s largest mobile telecommunications company, and the latter is the food and clothing retailer – a stalwart of the UK’s highstreets.

● On Wednesday, HSBC Holdings announces. The holding company for the HSBC Group is headquartered in Canary Wharf – for now.

SSE, formerly Scottish and Southern Energy, also announces on Wednesday. The energy company formed in 1998 when a merger was sparked between Scottish Hydro-Electric and Southern Electric.

● On Thursday, Experian, the Dublin-based global credit information group announces.

Land Securities Group announces on the same day. The Group is the UK’s largest commercial property company, investing in a wide range of properties from offices and retail locations to industrial and warehouse facilities.

● Tomorrow, the Office for National Statistics releases Manufacturing Production statistics, a key indicator in determining the short-term strength of the economy. It is currently at 1.5 per cent.

● On Wednesday, China’s the National Bureau of Statistics of China will release the Consumer Price Index inflation

● The Bank of England will announce its interest rate decision on Thursday. Rates will almost certainly remain at 0.5 per cent, even though Retail Price Index inflation is currently ripping through the economy at 5.2 per cent.

● The government will organise a new export drive this week in an effort to encourage firms to promote international trade to clients. Lord Green, minister for trade and investment, believes increasing exports, as well as shifting focus to small and medium-sized business, will help boost the UK economy.

● The South Korean and United States militaries will link to practise simulation exercises Tomorrow and Wednesday. The joint exercises are in preparation for the possibility of a North Korean nuclear threat. Kim Jong-il, the “Dear Leader” of North Korea recently revealed his love of Chinese dolphins and French poodles.