We follow the best summer weather around the world, it’s not such a bad life

IN just under two weeks time, all eyes will be on Rio Ferdinand when he leads his England side for the football World Cup in South Africa.

First though, is the turn of another, less high-profile, England skipper to entertain the crowds for the Mint Polo in the Park event, at Hurlingham, starting on Friday.

England front man Mark Tomlinson, inset, is one of the stars of the hosting London team, but who is the man behind the saddlery? We found out:

Full name: Mark Lascelles Telford Tomlinson

Date of birth: 25 March, 1982 (age 28)

Place of birth: Swindon

Status: Girlfriend, Laura

Position/Club: No3, London

Hobbies: I’m a mad Newcastle United fan, I watch them regularly, also my local team, Swindon Town. I also enjoy playing tennis.

How did you get into polo? It’s in the family, both my grandparents and parents played, plus my brother Luke is also an England captain. I first learnt to ride a horse and strike the ball properly at the age of six.

How do polo players keep fit? It’s an extremely physically demanding sport so you have to keep fit, especially in high temperatures. It’s like playing rugby or hockey on a horse, so training schedules are similar. Pilates and aerobics are also popular.

What’s the best thing about being a polo player? It’s summer all year round. We follow the best weather around the world and visit some fantastic places.

And the worst…? It’s not such a bad life, but I hate losing.

l City.A.M sponsors team New York for Mint Polo in the Park at Hurlingham, on 4, 5, and 6 June.