We find the City thrilling and we know you do too

BUSINESS is exciting: the cut and thrust of a huge deal; the terror when things start to unravel; the knowledge that agreements made in a Square Mile office have global implications. That&rsquo;s why we&rsquo;ve always believed that business news should reflect this, that it should be punchy, brash, colourful and loud. We find it thrilling &ndash; and we know you do too. <br /><br />In September last year, late on a Sunday night, the US government decided to let Lehman Brothers collapse and changed the course of history. Our lean, tight-knit night team ripped up the issue we had been working on and started again. <br /><br />We cleared the front pages of the newspaper and produced the now-iconic &ldquo;Wall Street in Crisis&rdquo; edition, which became a symbol for the financial crisis. It appeared on national and international television news bulletins in the following days, weeks and months.<br /><br />Business became the story of the decade, catching many national news organisations off-guard. But we continued to do what we had always done, providing bang-up-to date, concise news that cut through the noise and the chaos.<br /><br />Beyond the news pages, The Capitalist celebrated the City&rsquo;s resilience, its ability to pick itself up and carry on. She attended your parties and offered daily proof that the Square Mile was going to survive. <br /><br />And our lifestyle writers showed that there was more to life than work, hand picking the best of the arts, fashion and food, while our Markets and Investment team showed you how to turn the crisis to your advantage.<br /><br />On the back pages, our reporters and star columnists proved what you always knew &ndash; there is just one thing more important than business: sport.