Watches for the discerning gadget geek

ROMAIN Jerome and Christophe Claret are both watch-making names associated with boundary-breaking. Claret is famous for creating incredibly complex mechanisms; Romain Jerome has made watches incorporating moon dust, bits of the Titanic and volcano ash.

This year both have made waves with new creations that have fun with geeky male obsessions. Romain Jerome’s Space Invaders piece plonks the celebrated Seventies arcade game on the face of the watch itself, with a relief-cut dial that looks as though it’s formed from pixels.

Christophe Claret’s remarkable 21 BlackJack is a watch that, by entirely mechanical means, carries three different casino games: dice, roulette, and blackjack. That’s right – it can deal a full deck of cards, and it can do so in 884,736 combinations. With a six-figure price tag and just 21 being made, you’ll need a big win to own one.