Sara Hollamby Style Counsel
I WAS walking round my town’s centre the other day, and saw at least two young (ish) women wearing leggings with a strap top, that went down to to the waist. In other words, they were walking around quite a large shopping centre virtually in a pair of tights, with nothing covering their backsides. Added to that, it was a lovely sunny day, and the sunlight rendered the tights almost see-through despite their being black. Admittedly, no VPL (visible pantie lines) in sight, just the whole pair of knickers in one case and nothing (presumably a thong) in the other. Not a pretty sight, especially as neither had a Posh-sized bot, and both had more dimples on their bums than a box of oranges.

Now don’t get me wrong: I love leggings, but they’re not skinny jeans, and even if it’s only barely, the backside should be covered. Just because things look fine from the front when you check yourself in the mirror, it doesn’t mean the rear view looks as good. Whenever you go out, whatever you’re wearing, use another mirror and look at what the view is like from behind – after all, most people will catch a glimpse of you from all sides at some point. That goes for checking out the bed hair when you’re off to work – it’s a real give-away that you haven’t brushed your hair properly that morning and might get people thinking that you forgot other aspects of hygiene too.

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