Warrior workout is new City fitness fad

GYM BUNNIES around the Square Mile might be more used to air-conditioning and the latest equipment when it comes to working out. However, a new fitness fad is turning our City boys to men – although they might prefer the term “warrior”.

Billed as a warrior workout for “deskbound professionals”, personal trainer to the Square Mile stars Tim Walker is shaping up men from the likes of RBS, UBS, Deloitte, JP Morgan and the Bank of Singapore – with nothing but empty beer barrels and rather hefty tyres.

Walker describes his clients as guilty overachievers: “Successful guys working in the City who have everything apart from the body of their dreams.” Ouch.

Although aimed at muscle-men, The Capitalist hears that one senior woman from RBS has been brave enough to give the 12-week course a go, attending sessions unbeknownst to her fitness fanatic colleagues – that is, until they caught sight of her throwing a giant tyre around. Nothing like a bit of healthy competition for motivation.