Warren: Haye has taken easy option in Harrison

FRANK WARREN has launched a scathing attack on David Haye, accusing him of avoiding the Klitschko brothers and “taking the easy option” in agreeing to fight Audley Harrison.

WBA heavyweight title holder Haye is expected to announce fellow Briton Harrison as his next opponent later today.

And promoter Warren says the 29-year-old is being motivated solely by money and not by the prospect of establishing himself as a heavyweight great.

“Haye’s taken the easy option by fighting Harrison for the pay day and it’s not what he said he was going to do,” Warren said.

“Without a doubt he’s avoiding the Klitschkos. He signed a contract to fight one of them and didn’t carry it through, then pulled out against the other one. The reason he’s not fighting one of them is because he wouldn’t do a straight 50-50 split.

“Haye said he would fight them both. It’s no good saying you’ll do these things and then

don’t because you’re looking to cash in.”

Ironically, Warren believes that Haye’s vulnerability to raw power gives former Olympic gold medalist Harrison a chance of pulling off a major shock.

“If he gets hit on the chin then Haye will be knocked out and Harrison has that chance,” he added. “Haye is streets above Harrison but he has a huge weakness – if he gets hit on the whiskers he’ll go.”