Warm up this winter with a chic hip flask

MAYBE it’s because of the rough year and a half we’ve just been through, or maybe it’s because fashion designers have a sixth sense and predicted this would be a particularly icy winter. Whatever it is, hip flasks have become such a must-have fashion accessory that Dunhill’s models sported them on the catwalk at last week’s Milan Fashion Week, ensuring that swigging whisky on the trot has never looked cooler.

Off the catwalk, stylish flasks are de rigeur at rugby matches, the races and other spectator events. When out shooting, a well-turned flask is a man’s (and a woman’s) best friend. No wonder – it’s the ultimate way to warm up, and add a little oomph to proceedings.

Flasks can be remarkably luxurious, especially as designers turn their attention to them. Here we have six of our favourite. A cheeky swig never was so fashionable.

1 Brown leather hip flask with matching leather cap, William & Son. Check price at www.williamandson.com. 2 Hip Flask in silver plate, Thomas Lyte. £36.00, www.thomaslyte.com 3 Dubarry’s leather rugby flask, Farlows. £39.95, www.farlows.co.uk 4 Hip flask with carry case in Amazon brown, Aspinal. £89, www.aspinaloflondon.com 5 Shagreen stingray flask, Dunhill. £650, www.dunhill.com. 6 Alligator hip flask, Dunhill. £400, www.dunhill.com