... as Walsh and union leaders resume talks

TALKS between British Airways (BA) and Unite to put an end to the strike have been postponed until today.

The decision to delay the negotiation talks came Wednesday night after the two struggled to reach an agreement to end the long running dispute.

The break down of the negotiations had nothing to do with the develop-ment of the talks and a spokeswoman for the airline would not comment on any progress made earlier this week.

She said: “Talks have been adjourned and will resume at a later date.”

Today BA will face the fifth consec-utive day of strikes at Heathrow as cabin crew, represented by Unite, con-tinue to picket.

BA yesterday said that it intends to increase the number of flights during next week’s five-day walkout when it expects to fly 70 per cent of long haul and 55 per cent of short haul flights.

Unite expects BA to have lost £84m in revenue by the end of today and estimates the strike is costing £7m a day.

BA said that it would not confirm the amount and said: “We haven’t given out financial figures and anything at this point is speculative.”