VW becomes world's biggest carmaker

CARMAKER Volkswagen-Porsche yesterday overtook rival Toyota as the world&rsquo;s biggest car manufacturer, boosted by state-backed &ldquo;cash-for-bangers&rdquo; stimuli worldwide. <br /><br />VW, which makes family cars like the Golf and Polo, and luxury vehicles like the Boxster, has made 4.4m cars this year so far, pipping Toyota, which has made 4m, to the post as top manufacturer. <br /><br />VW focused on emerging markets in the downturn, launching a range of VW models tuned for the Chinese market, and selling 128,000 cars there in July. The sales accounted for around a quarter of its global sales for that month.<br /><br />China lulled drivers into buying cars by slashing sales taxes and bringing in subsidies while the UK and Germany used cash-for-clunkers schemes to boost sales.<br /><br />But VW was also helped to its title of top carmaker by Toyota&rsquo;s decision to halve its manufacturing output during the first quarter of 2009.