THE latest Voice of the City panel is now online. To participate go to www.cityam.com/panel and answer the questions below. Results will be published in next Monday’s paper.

1) Do you see the following as likely consequences of the death of Osama bin Laden?

• Traders will be more likely to make risky investments
• Oil prices will begin to stabilise
• Barack Obama’s political position will be strengthened significantly
• The threat of revenge attacks on Western targets will increase security risks for a time

2) Polling ahead of the Scottish elections points to a pro-independence majority in the Scottish Parliament, which would be able to hold a referendum on leaving the UK. Would you view Scottish independence as good or bad for the rest of the British economy?

3) A year since its founding, the coalition government appears divided on key policy areas. Do you think it’s time for David Cameron to pull the plug on the coalition?

Participants could be in with the chance of winning a free luxury weekend to Paris. In September, we’ll put panellists who have responded to at least 80 per cent of surveys into a prize draw. Full Ts&Cs available on request.