£23.5bn Group revenues jumped 4.1 per cent after outperforming estimates across the board

£21.9bn The key service revenue metric was up 3.1 per cent, boosted by emerging markets

1/8th of all dividends paid out by FTSE 100 companies now come from Vodafone, one of the highest in the UK

£450m Writedown on Vodafone’s Greek business, the second in a year, taking the total to £1.2bn

£26.2bn Vodafone’s net debt, reduced 13.8 per cent from last year’s £30.4bn

£2.6bn Tax paid by Vodafone in the UK. The firm says it pays 25 per cent of its global profits in tax

£5.1bn Adjusted profit before tax, down 8.7 per cent from a year earlier amid Eurozone pressures

9.4m New customers to Vodafone’s network, outpacing rivals including Everything Everywhere in the UK

£2.8bn Dividend to be paid by Verizon Wireless, ending a lengthy period of negotiations