Vince Cable says he is ready to be a coalition chancellor

LIBERAL Democrat shadow chancellor Vince Cable has declared he is ready to serve as chancellor in a coalition government, as the polls continue to point to a hung parliament.

Despite party leader Nick Clegg’s stated refusal to consider a coalition with either Labour or the Conservatives before the general election, Cable confirmed he would be ready to take the role if he were asked.

He also said he had been questioned by Nicholas Macpherson, the Treasury’s permanent secretary, about his party’s economic policies – a sign that the Liberal Democrats could be called on to take a lead on economic policy.

Cable told a weekend newspaper: “I wouldn’t be in this business if I wasn’t willing to take the responsibility if it was to come my way,”

With less than seven weeks to go until the expected election date, ICM put the Tories on 38 per cent – down two – and Labour up one at 32 per cent. The Liberal Democrats were a point down at 19 per cent.

YouGov showed a single-point increase for the Conservatives to 38 per cent, Labour down two on 31 per cent and the Liberal Democrats up two at 19 per cent.