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e cursed royals could ruin my wedding

My fiancée and I have been engaged for over a year, and four months ago decided on a July wedding. I have a horrible feeling the weekend we’ve plumped for is the favourite for Wills and Kate. The whole thing is going to be overshadowed by their circus and if it falls on the same day as ours, I’ll be truly devastated, and so will my fiancée. Should we change the date? Help. Richard, 31, fund management

I FEEL for you, I really do. I’m not getting married any time soon and I am already completely sickened by the wedding – it’s somehow managed to displace things that must be more important but that we’ll never know about because they’re not being reported. The world is collapsing? No bother: Kate and Wills are getting married!
So yes, your wedding. A lot of people are interested in Will and Kate, but I think you’ll already notice a groundswell of determined disinterest. It’s easy to be muddled by the media’s hysterical and ubiquitous outpouring, to suddenly feel like you have no choice but to pay homage to the royal nuptials. But if you ask your friends if they care, the chances are a good deal of them will say no.

Then there’s the freshness of it. Right now it seems interesting; newspapers and television channels have homed in on a brilliant way to fill space, time and coffers. They’ll keep going at it, too, with each step of the way chronicled in high definition, as if other people’s wedding preparations are so endlessly fascinating. But that’s the media. Individuals – nice, normal ones like I’m sure you are – can’t take it for so long. A few more months of it and nobody will want to know. By July, your wedding will prove a welcome distraction.

Finally, don’t change your date. Your friends care more about you than about the dreary couple and you need to go ahead and celebrate that fact. vexed@ cityam. com.