Vanish chief cleans up with £90m packet

RECKITT Benckiser chief executive Bart Becht took home almost £90m after the company had a strong financial year.

According to the company’s 2009 annual report, which was published yesterday, most of the sum came from share options that Becht cashed in.

His base salary rose to £987,000 last year. After pocketing a £3.5m bonus, his gross salary climbed to £4.9m, marking a four per cent rise on the year before, when his salary was £4.7m.

He is thought to have donated £110m to charities after selling 3m shares to a humanitarian trust that specialises in educational and environmental work.

The company said that it was comfortable with Becht’s remuneration and that it remained appropriately positioned.

Colin Day, who is also a director at the company behind brands like Cillit Bang, Vanish and Clearasil, took home a lump salary of £1.7m, made up of base pay of £432,000 and a £1.2m bonus.

Chairman Adrian Bellamy said: “I am pleased to report that the company delivered an outstanding performance. Continuing a record of strong growth in such circumstances is a testament to the quality of the company’s strategy and execution, its culture, its employees and their leadership.”

A Reckitt spokesman said that £100 spent on shares in 2004 would now be worth £239, whereas £100 invested in a FTSE 100 tracker fund would be worth £133.