Van Rompuy: I am positive on crisis resolution

LAST year was tough, but the crisis will never happen again thanks to the steps taken by European leaders, European Council president Herman van Rompuy claimed yesterday.

The leader insisted he was in a “positive frame of mind” about the currency’s long-term future.

“The euro as a currency was never in danger,” he told Belgian radio station RTBF. It “remains a strong currency”.

Van Rompuy stressed the difficulty of his own role, attempting to find a common position among the 27 EU members.

“It is never easy,” he said, though he maintains good relations with both the French and German governments.

However, “I have invested a lot and have good relationships with the other 25 heads of state and governments.”

Nonetheless, he did concede that the crisis is not yet over.

“We have a crisis of sovereign debt in some Eurozone countries and we have to prioritise solutions for those countries first,” he said.

“We had hoped we would have found solutions much faster – our solutions were a little too weak, but in most cases they took us in the right direction.”

“Eventually, we will put this crisis behind us.”