Value of promotion to top flight up 50pc to £90m

IT was already touted as the most lucrative prize in world football, but experts now estimate promotion to the Premier League to be worth £90m.

The figure constitutes a 50 per cent increase on last year, owing to an increase in top-flight television revenues and parachute payments.

Newcastle, having secured the Championship title, and West Brom, who will finish second, have already guaranteed their windfall. And now the five teams still tussling for the remaining promotion place have been given even greater incentive.

“In financial terms, this match offers the winning club the most substantial prize in world football,” said Paul Rawnsley of Deloitte’s Sports Business Group, which calculated the £90m figure. “The prize provides the opportunity for sound investment and strengthening the foundations of a club for years to come.”

The £90m boost comprises more than £40m in television income and increases in both gate receipts and commercial income, plus a potential £48m in parachute payments.

However, Football League chairman yesterday voted against plans to increase parachute payments from £22m over two years to £48m over four years. They have asked for more details on the proposal, which is still in its early stages.