Use mobile tech to make the most of la vie amoureuse

ANYONE whose romantic agenda is set by the retail industry deserves all the disappointment that should be coming to them.

On the other hand, anyone half-clever will realise they can use their smart phones to organise their love lives efficiently. There are scores of romantic mobile match makers: Gaydar, Flirtomatic, Crush or Flush, Mobile 2 Date, and IQ Valentine to name but a handful.

Why not use a bit of tech to pursue your own romantic strategy? For a start, if you create your own messages you can use to help you convert it to the language of love. Je tiens à vous reprendre les actifs, you’ll agree, sounds infinitely classier than the original English words (er, “I want to take you up the assets”). is a romantic site aimed at those looking for love in the Square Mile. The mobile dating system uses positioning technology to match you with a hungry heart in your comfort zone. March up to them and announce yourself with these romantic, Babbel-inspired words:

“J'ai un grand panier de devises. Êtes-vous prêt à céder?”

If you’re the type that likes public displays of schmaltz, you might want to take advantage of Winkball tomorrow Friday. Yes, Winkball, we checked the spelling. This video messaging website is sending 100 video reporters out into the City to record the public’s Valentine messages. These will be uploaded onto a mega messaging wall for everyone – and their lover – to see. How very touching.

Or rather, “pardonnez-moi, l'amour, je dois vomir”, as Babbel taught me to say.

Talking of stomachs, Made By Cows is a Facebook app for delivering personalised messages on a cake. Where’s the romance in that? The cake is more a platform for messages like désolé de vous voir quitter. has potential, however, if you need to prove your love by bidding for bargains on luxury brands. As the poet once said, Gucci is the starter, for your inamorata. Sorry, we’re Babbeling again.

Maybe we should stick to a good old fashioned pair of his’n’hers shareable headsets from Sennheiser. Its CX281s models are heart coloured and have a share adapter so you can listen together. Two ear drums, perforating as one – now that’s the very essence of love.

Nick Booth edits