US in green boost for Ford and Nissan

<div>FORD, Nissan and start-up company Tesla will reap the benefits of a $25bn (&pound;15bn) loan programme from the Obama administration, designed to help them overhaul their US factories and make more eco-friendly cars, it emerged yesterday.<br /><br />The news came as Nissan unveiled plans to mass-produce electric vehicles at its Tennessee plant. Chief executive Carlos Ghosn said he wanted them to be competitive on price.<br /><br />US carmaker Ford will receive around &pound;5.9bn from the state, Japan&rsquo;s Nissan $1.6bn and Tesla $465bn from the energy department.<br /><br />&ldquo;By supporting key technologies and sound business plans, we can jumpstart the production of fuel-efficient vehicles in America,&rdquo; energy secretary Steven Chu said.&nbsp;</div>