An unwanted hotel surprise in Kyrgyzstan hotel room

Anot-so-jolly work jolly for an intrepid pair from City financial services firm Merchant Securities, who jetted off to Central Asia recently.

Chris Theis, head of international sales and research at Merchant Securities, and his mining analyst colleague Kurt Burge, recently returned to British soil (no doubt kissing the ground at Heathrow when they landed) after a work trip to visit the exploration and development company, Premier Gold’s, operations in Kyrgyzstan.

The jet-setting duo were staying in Bishkek, at a five star hotel boasting all the modern facilities a business traveller could hope for – high-speed internet access, satellite TV, safe deposit boxes, air conditioners and mini-bars.

Once happily settled into their hotel rooms, the pair opened the drawers beside their beds. Rather than finding a Gideon bible they were rather surprised to discover a pair of well-worn gas masks.

Browsing the website of the hotel in question, The Capitalist couldn’t help but notice it promises to offer guests “a really unforgettable accommodation in Kyrgyzstan.”

It would be fairly safe to assume that in this case that was a promise well and truly fulfilled.