Unite to issue third ballot for August strikes

UNITE, the union representing British Airways (BA) cabin crew, is to launch a fresh strike ballot on 29 June.

The ballot, which will take more than five weeks to be finalised, means that crew could again walk off the job in August.

Unite said yesterday that it had notified BA of the ballot launch – something it has to do by law.

The union then has to wait for seven days before sending the vote to union members.

The last two votes have seen cabin crew approve industrial action by 92 and 81 per cent respectively.

The last strike by cabin crew lasted 15 days through May and June and cost BA an estimated £154m.

The airline’s chief executive Willie Walsh has pledged to fly 100 per cent of its long haul flights should another strike action take place and a “substantial amount” of BA’s short haul flights.

BA and Unite are now at odds over travel perks that were stripped from striking cabin crew in March, which leaves it as the only disagreement between the two parties as the majority of disputes surrounding pay, working conditions and job security have now been settled.