Uncommon scents for the autumn

Timothy Barber
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YOU don’t have to be an absolute expert on knowing your bergamot from your sandalwood or your vetiver from your labdanum, but the modern man cutting a dash about town needs to be able to tell a first-rate cologne when he smells one.

As the days get shorter and the temperature cools, you can swap those sweet, fruity summer scents for something a bit deeper, spicier and more austere for the autumn. Don’t overdo it though – nothing says tacky like a bloke pickled in layers of aftershave. Be sparing and be smart, and let City A.M. be your guide to some of the best scents to choose from right now.

Lacoste Challenge
£24 - 50ml

Tom Ford Italian Cypress
£100 - 50ml

Dunhill 51.3N
£32 - 50ml

Prada Man
£33 50ml

Boss Collector’s Edition
£35 - 50ml

Paul Smith MAN
£34 - 50ml

Comme des Garcons No2 Glitter edition
£44 - 50ml

Terre d’Hermes
£61 - 75ml