UK listed companies are failing on green policies

UK-LISTED companies are failing to follow guidelines on how they monitor their carbon footprint, according to Deloitte.

The business advisory firm’s survey of 100 companies revealed that none were adequately addressing the environmental impact of their operations. Only 37 per cent provide statistics on how much pollution they were creating, while only one in five had set themselves targets for keeping emissions down.

Meanwhile only eight per cent had invited a third party in to review the way they tackle green issues. The companies should be following guidelines set out by Defra.

Jenny Harrison, director in Deloitte’s energy practice and carbon reporting and assurance team, said: “The survey shows a high degree of variation in carbon reporting practices, and many companies, particularly those outside the top tier of FTSE companies, could do better.

“The wide variety of reporting practices does not facilitate comparison between companies or industry and reducing their carbon footprint.” The survey showed that 57 per cent of companies reported carbon emissions in some way but not effectively.