UK energy bills will soar

THE UK&rsquo;s energy bills could rise by 17 per cent over the next decade as a result of government plans announced yesterday to generate one third of the country&rsquo;s electricity from renewables by 2020.<br /><br />Energy secretary Ed Miliband presented a white paper setting out the government&rsquo;s plans to also cut carbon dioxide emissions by 34 per cent from 1990 levels by 2020.<br /><br />He said the government planned to set aside hundreds of millions of pounds to finance the growth of alternative power sources like wind and wave, as well as nuclear energy.<br /><br />He added the proposals would strengthen Britain&rsquo;s energy security by curbing its reliance on imported gas, and could lead to the creation of 400,000 new &ldquo;green jobs&rdquo; by 2015.<br /><br />However, large industrial users worry that energy cost hikes could make British manufacturers uncompetitive.