Uefa looks to tighten finance rules

EUROPEAN governing body Uefa yesterday vowed to monitor those clubs who may attempt exploit loopholes in new financial restraints which are due to be implemented from 2014.

Clubs, specifically those with wealthy owners who consistently spend more than they earn, will be barred from European competition from 2014-15 season under president Michel Platini’s “fair play” rules.

There has been some scepticism as to how rigorously Uefa will implement these sanctions but their head of club licensing Andrea Traverso revealed that the organisation is already on the lookout for “clubs putting in place specific structures that allow them to easily go around some of the principles that we didn’t think about.”

He added: “We will monitor how the clubs react and if necessary, if we notice there are measures that need to be taken to address particular problems then we will address those to the executive committee for consideration.”

Liverpool managing director Ian Ayre warned that the regulations would be “killed” if they are not applied equally across Europe.

“These rules should be rules and should be hard and fast,” he said. “The rules should be clearly defined, you cannot have a half-rule process.”