Twitter aiming to hit a high note by launching new music service

TWITTER has slowly rolled out a new music service over the weekend, ahead of a wider launch in the next few days.

The micro-blogging service, which allows users to broadcast messages of up to 140 characters, is hoping to encourage people to use its platform more by launching an app for discovering and sharing songs.

Twitter has made the new service available to a handful of artists and music industry high fliers during the last few days, and will bring it to the wider public shortly. Rather than streaming its own catalogue of songs, Twitter has teamed up with services including Spotify and YouTube. The new music service, which will be available as an app or on the web, is expected to allow users to display what songs they are listening to, while letting them discover new artists and albums.

It will also display what music is “trending”, showing what songs are most popular at any given moment.

The service could act as an additional source of revenues for Twitter, which makes its money by placing adverts in users’ feed of messages.

On Thursday, the company announced it had acquired We Are Hunted, a company whose technology tracks what songs are most popular on social media sites including Twitter. The acquisition was completed several months ago and We Are Hunted’s technology has been integrated into the new service.

Music streaming is becoming an increasingly competitive battleground for technology firms, with Apple and Google set to launch on-demand music services this year.