Tufnell bags top job at Zatchels

GREG Tufnell, the former chief executive of children’s store Mothercare – and brother of cricketer Phil Tufnell – has announced his long-awaited return to the retail sector.

Tufnell, who before his stint at Mothercare held senior roles at menswear chain Burton and high street giant Next, has accepted the job of chairman at leather bag firm Zatchels.

So what lured him back to the retail sector after a period of advising small and medium-sized enterprises, and to a more feminine brand than he’s worked with in the past?

“I like the way they use all the colour. The colour is great. I’ve worked with a lot of products over the years but there is a vibrancy – they use a lot of metallic leather and great trims” he enthused to The Capitalist yesterday.

But does he carry one of the brightly coloured man bags himself? “I’m 6ft3 and a fairly pink chap, so I don’t think the pink polka dot would go down too well,” Tufnell admitted.