Tube strike to start at 7pm today


IONS of commuters face yet another struggle to get home this evening as a third 24-hour strike on the London Underground begins.

Transport for London (TFL) warned yesterday the underground network will begin to grind to a halt from around 5pm this evening as Tube workers wind down services in preparation for the strike, which officially begins at 7pm.

It also warned that services were unlikely to return to normal until Thursday morning, with disruption expected on all routes. TFL said it expected to operate a restricted service on the Tube, adding that it managed to operate 40 per cent of services during the last strike.

Meanwhile, it said there would be over 100 extra buses in operation as well as increased riverboat services in order to keep London moving. TFL also said planned roadworks were being put on hold during the strike.

The walkout by the rail transport unions is in protest at job cuts at 650 ticket offices.

London Mayor Boris Johnson said: “Londoners have shown that they will not be deterred from their daily business by these pointless strikes. The action of the union leaderships may cause some inconvenience but we are determined to keep the capital moving.”

A fourth 24-hour strike is planned for 29 November.